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maserati_sniper's Journal

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Name: Desinex
Type: Transformer
Gender: Female
Eyes: Red, but hidden by her visor, with obvious damage and scarring.
Height: 18 Ft
Description: Main color is a metallic blue. She looks pretty solidly built, for a femme. Her armor is a bit heavier than it first appears to be, as she sometimes likes to grapple with her prey. Her clawed fingertips assist in that aspect. She has a visor that she wears almost constantly. The only time she doesn’t wear it is right before she pulls the trigger during a “hunt”. The reason she wears a visor is not for vanity purposes, though the visor does add a bit (in her opinion) of aesthetics to her appearance. It allows her to “see”, as she is nearly blind, due to an accident she suffered through when she was in training. Without the visor, all she can make out is variations of light and dark. She absolutely refuses to have anything done to correct her near-blindness.

The way Desinex's kibble arranges, the roof of her alt-mode becomes the components of her chestplate. Her doors swing around to the back, forming the armor there. Her tires, and the parts connecting them, shift to form her legs, with two tires forming the main part of her thighs, and the remaining two tires forming the main part of her calves. Her spoiler splits to form parts of her feet. Her hood splits into the armor of her arms, as well as forming her claws. Her insignia is on her chestplate, on the roof ventilator(or whatever the heck it's called...the swoopy bit on the roof of her alt-mode.).
Personality: Put simply, she’s a cocky bitch, and proud of it. If you wish to get more complex, she’s cold, callous, has no regard for anyone she considers to be of “Defective Intelligence”(IE: anyone but the leader she’s sworn loyalty to), unless they can prove their worth to her. She’s a bit arrogant, but that’s mainly to cover up her insecurities regarding her limitation. She absolutely despises the Autobots, and will gladly (at times, almost gleefully) terminate anyone she believes is an Autobot sympathizer.
Other: She’s a sniper, and a damn good one at that, despite her limitation. It’s rumored that only one sniper ever surpassed her in sheer skill, but those are just rumors… (Or are they?) She has the hobby of collecting pieces of the targets she’s slain, and has a bit of an impressive collection, which she carries in her personal subspace.


Faction: Decepticons
Occupation: Sniper
Alternate Mode: 2007 Maserati MC12 Corsa
Tools/Weapons: A high-powered sniper rifle, similar in design to the Zastava M93 Black Arrow. She also has clawed fingertips, for the times when she has to (and wants to) fight in close quarters.
Preferred Generation: G1, Movieverse, Animated
History: Trained as a sniper up until what was supposed to be a run-of-the-mill training mission. Somehow, nobody’s quite sure how, shots were fired and the training mission quickly escalated into a “get yourself the slag outta there” situation. Desinex took a bad hit to the head from an unknown sniper, and was left for dead by her teammates. She didn’t die, but was pulled to safety by another sniper, who tried their best to help her recover. Due to some complications from the area, Desinex’s optics were damaged beyond repair outside of getting them replaced, which she could not afford at the time. Since then, she’s sworn revenge against the Autobots, who she blames for the accident, and for being such fools that they would dare go against the Decepticons.

Quote: “Target Acquired...”*BANG* “Target Eliminated. Now to reap the spoils of victory.”

Alt mode reference: Maserati MC12 Corsa
Weapon reference: Zastava M93 Black Arrow

Character Name: Desinex
Faction: Decepticon (former Neutral)
Alternate Mode: dark blue race car, homage to the Maserati MC12 Corsa
Galactic Powers:
-Extremely skilled sniper armed with high-powered rifle
-Razor sharp claws for when she grapples in close-quarters combat
-Able to analyze most scenarios from a high angle, and able to calculate her shots accordingly.
Character Description: Larger and a bit bulkier than the average femme(heck, she's probably taller than poor 'Bee too, for that matter), wears a visor both to protect her optics, and to see, as she's nearly blind.

Character History: Academy drop out, from around the same timeframe as when Showtime graduated, became a Decepticon when approached by a "mystery mech", and began hunting Autobots for "fun". She also collects armor pieces from every successful kill.

Sample Journal Entry: I made planet fall a little while ago. Scared a few organics, disgusting creatures. Definately not worth the damage to my visor that they caused. Now I have to get the fragging thing repaired. Only good thing about this place is that the organics keep the roads decent...which is a surprising contrast to Cybertron...

Sample Tag (Make up a scene from a fake log that your character takes part in.): Desinex hissed as the other sniper's secondary weapon dug into her side, but did not release her victim. "Why do you continue to struggle, Autobot? You know as well as I that with a simple twist, I'll tear apart your energon lines..."

"Because..." the other sniper growled, fighting stasis, "I promised someone I'd come back to them alive..."
ammunition, collecting armor, going fast, grappling, guns, hitting hard, racing, slagging the autobots, sniping, sparring, speed